When you subscribe to our VIO data we automatically give you a user license to VIO PRO, our data query and visualization software

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Query in three easy steps

① Select your regions

② Select your vehicles

③ Select your demographics


Visualize your data against our demographic data



Visualize region VIO totals against years


View your data in an online datagrid and download your online queries as a CSV



Select your regions that you'd like to query using an easy-to-use map–then visualize your results


In addition to raw data, our easy to use data portal allows you to run queries, download results, make maps/graphics and derive value from your data investment beginning on day one. We have vehicle registration data for the entire U.S at State, County or Zip Code level with prices starting at $9,950 per year or $899 per month.


Interested in a demo of our VIO PRO software? Would you like a a sample of our VIO dataset? Contact Shawn Wills:

(218) 506 8518

What aftermarket industry leader Pete Kornafel is saying…

“Aftermarket Analytics has combined actual vehicle registrations and other demographic data in statistically sound ways to produce a detailed US VIO database. This includes corrections to raw VIO data for anomalies such as single registration locations for widely dispersed large fleets, and more."