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Inventory Analyst

In May 2018 we announced the release of IA, a cloud-based web application designed to facilitate part-level demand forecasting. You can easily upload your part catalog and part-to-vehicle file and begin generating demand forecasts in minutes.

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Custom Inventory Analyst

If you really want to take command of your inventory we recommend a subscription to our Custom Inventory Analyst service. You’ll get everything in IA plus a custom module where you can set unique SKU and store/DC location inventory recommendations and facilitate team collaboration to optimize inventory assortments across your supply chain.

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Replacement Rates

We look at several years' worth of data to calculate actual repair rates, then fit those data to a statistical model that predicts repair rates based on vehicle age and type.

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Custom Solutions

Replacement Rate Modeling

Demand and Sales Forecasting

Inventory Optimization

Custom Software

Our team of software developers create customized, web-based applications — suited to your specific needs — that efficiently manage your inventory and supply chain. Our applications feature an expertly designed interface, user-friendly functionality, and the ability to export data for reports. Your data is presented in an intuitive, map-based visualizer using the latest and most accurate information available.