Streamlined for automotive demand forecasting.

Inventory Analyst

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Inventory Optimization Capabilities

Inventory Analyst is a cloud-based platform for all your analytic inputs; it is streamlined to provide complete and global automotive demand forecasting. Inventory Analyst will improve your inventory turns, which will increase your supply chain efficiencies. Additionally, Inventory Analyst enables increased profitability by creating geographic-based sales forecasting. The application is intuitive to use and tailored to your business practices. It is readily deployed to every market — anywhere on the planet.


Product Line Management

demand histogram
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Replacement/Scrappage Rates
  • Seasonal Forecasting
  • Gap Reporting
  • ACES/PIES + TecDoc Catalog Integration

Inventory Management

demand results
  • Store Add/Remove Recommendations
  • DC/Warehouse Stocking Levels
  • Interchange
  • Design Custom Recommendation Logic
  • Channel Management

Strategic Marketing

demand map
  • VIO + Demand Trends
  • Part Demand Forecasting
  • Sales History Integration
  • Market Share Estimates
  • Experian & IHS VIO Integration

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