Inventory Analyst

Easily upload your part catalog and part-to-vehicle file and begin generating demand forecasts in minutes

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Query in three easy steps

① Select your regions

② Select your vehicles

③ Filter your parts


Visualize VIO vs demand estimate



Visualize region VIO totals against years


View your data in an online datagrid and download your online queries as a CSV



Select your regions that you'd like to query using an easy-to-use map–then visualize your results


Starting at only $19,950 per year or $1,699 per month. At this price you get a multiple user license which includes County VIO and Replacement Rates for 1 part category.


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What aftermarket industry leader Pete Kornafel is saying…

“Aftermarket Analytics has combined actual vehicle registrations and other demographic data in statistically sound ways to produce a detailed US VIO database. This includes corrections to raw VIO data for anomalies such as single registration locations for widely dispersed large fleets, and more."