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10 features of Inventory Analyst, our demand forecasting software solution

10. Now you can generate accurate SKU level demand forecasts

9. Cloud based software. Available on the web. Anywhere at anytime

8.Simply upload your part catalog and P2V files for SKU level demand forecasts

7. Easily download your demand forecast reports (CSV)

6. VIO data comes with your IA license – no need to buy third party data

5. Includes one Replacement Rate (RR) category. Additional RR categories available

4. Fine tune Replacement Rates to your business within the software

3. One year minimum contract. Discounts available for multi-year licenses

2. Affordable 1 year minimum license. With County level VIO – $19,950. With Zip code level VIO – $24,950

1. Endorsed by aftermarket inventory leader Pete Kornafel (The Greensheet #38-18)

Our Software Solutions are solving the demand forecasting puzzle as well as offering you

For more information or to set up a product demo please contact Shawn Wills via tel: 303 956 2848 or email: [email protected]

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