Streamline your supply chain process

Inventory Analyst

In May 2018 we announced the release of IA, a cloud-based web application designed to facilitate part-level demand forecasting. You can easily upload your part catalog and part-to-vehicle file and begin generating demand forecasts in minutes.

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Custom Inventory Analyst

If you really want to take command of your inventory we recommend a subscription to our Custom Inventory Analyst service. You’ll get everything in IA plus a custom module where you can set unique SKU and store/DC location inventory recommendations and facilitate team collaboration to optimize inventory assortments across your supply chain.

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Replacement Rates

We look at several years' worth of data to calculate actual repair rates, then fit those data to a statistical model that predicts repair rates based on vehicle age and type.

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About us

For over 8 years Aftermarket Analytics (previously TerraSeer) has been helping businesses in the automotive aftermarket improve category management, increase supply chain efficiency, and boost profits with our predictive models and easy-to-use data portals.

In 2017 we began developing a suite of “off-the-shelf” product offerings designed specifically for the aftermarket. Our current product suite includes three key components: Replacement Rates, Inventory Analyst and Custom Inventory Analyst.

Our Services

Are you in the automotive aftermarket and looking to improve category management, increase supply chain efficiency, and boost profits? Our finely tuned predictive models and easy-to-use web applications are tailored for your company’s needs. We can enable you to customize inventory that you place in distribution centers and in stores — resulting in targeted placement and exceptional sales.

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